Wednesday 29 November 2017

New Toys!

Good morning all..

On Thursday I finally took the plunge and upgraded my camera. Having spent countless hours comparing all the Fujifilm mirrorless range I finally settled on the X-T20 along with an XF 18-55mm lens, a 27mm pancake and a 60mm macro. I persuaded myself I didn't need the X-T2 and bought the extra lenses instead.

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Composition - graphic principles

Good morning all.

Week 3 of composition at A Year with my Camera and this week we've been learning how to incorporate composition principles borrowed from graphic designers...whilst trying to remember and put to good use all that we have learned so far.

Thursday 16 November 2017

Single Focal Point

Good morning all.

Week 2 of Composition and it was all about critical subject placement, homework project was "A Single Focal Point".

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Photo Books

Good morning all.
(Blogger is being a pain and not uploading any images at the minute so here's some writing!)

"Done is better than perfect"

Wednesday 8 November 2017

Composition and Viewpoint

Good morning all.

We've moved from the technical side of photography to some of the fun stuff for the second part of A Year with My Camera and this week's homework was all about composition.

Tuesday 7 November 2017


Good morning all.

One of the things which has always fascinated me is Macro photography, some of the resulting photographs are truly amazing. I recently added an App to my phone which had a macro setting and have enjoyed using it around the garden...but I really wanted to try the macro setting on my camera, so last week I did!

Monday 6 November 2017

#1day12pics November

Good morning all.

#1day12pics takes place on the first Saturday of each month. This month I documented my day in pictures.

Saturday 4 November 2017

Friday 3 November 2017

Black and White Challenge 2017

Good morning all.

Emma has been hosting a Black and White challenge at A Year with my Camera this week, with a different prompt each day. I enjoyed taking part.

Wednesday 1 November 2017

North, South, East...

Good morning all.

Everyone tends to think of Land's End and John O Groats as being the extremities of mainland Britain when they actually represent the greatest distance (874m) between two habitable places.