Friday 26 January 2018

Snow Joke!

Good morning all.

So most of Scotland has been blasted with snow recently with our neighbours in the Scottish Borders having several inches....we on the other hand had several flakes!

Much to my disgust!

What little snow we did have didn't hang around for long and there was so little I needed the macro and zoom lenses to take the pictures :)

It's actually snowing!

A little dusting like icing sugar on the hill and garage roof!

Around the garden with the macro lens, including the first sighting of daffodils.

My hardy rose and drops off the bird table as it melted faster than it fell.

Here's hoping we get a good coating of icing before winter is out...I want some photographs!

Perhaps I just need to persuade hubby that it would be a good idea to head up north for a few days holiday :)

Carol xx

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