Monday 29 January 2018

Silver Linings!

Good morning all.

The upside of the patio work being done is that the birdhouse and all the potted plants had to be moved out of the way...they ended up on the small patio next to the back porch. So now they are only a few feet from the window, great for getting close up shots with my long lens. 

The tits and robins are loving the rhododendron and use it as a staging point before hitting the feeder on the bird table. This is the first winter I have seen coal tits...I don't remember ever seeing one before, although they are native. 

At first they were very shy and timid, with the other tits bullying them on the feeder but they seem to have made themselves at home and are now holding their own. It took a few goes to get some decent pictures though!

The coal tit is easily distinguished from the other tits by it's more sombre colouring...the upper parts being olive-brown and the underparts buff, palest on the chest. The cap and throat are black; the cheeks and nape white. It's length is about 11cm. 
(Courtesy of the Observer's Book of Birds)

This one is looking so indignant at the audacity of the great tit sat on the opposite side of the feeder!

I'm becoming a bit of a twitcher in my spare time!

I've set up another feeder behind the patio where if I'm still and quiet I can stand outside and take photos which gets rid of any window glare. I really need a hide...wonder if hubby will build me one?

Hope you've enjoyed seeing these charming little birds....until next time...take care!

Carol xx

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