Monday 5 February 2018

Super Blue Moon

Good morning all.

Apologies for being so quiet last week...I was away to a funeral then the dreaded lurgy struck so I was laid low for a few days. I should've spent this weekend doing some photography courses locally...Saturday was a washout though with rain and thick cloud so it's been postponed. Yesterday on the other hand was fabulous and we were out from dawn till dusk doing mainly long exposures. Watch out for a review soon.

Astrologically January was quite busy with two super moons and a total lunar eclipse...although this wasn't visible in the UK.
Monday evening was clear for us and eldest got his telescope out so we could try out the adapter which I'd recently purchased to attach a camera. Taking photos proved a lot trickier than we thought especially as it was quite windy. You don't really realize how much the moon is moving until you see it passing over a telescope.

Here are a few shots:

...and without the telescope:

On Wednesday I managed to catch the moon rise between the clouds...whilst hubby boiled over the pan of potatoes I left him looking after!

After a cloudy start it cleared for most of the rest of the evening and we had a good view of the full moon from the house.

I'm not great with the telescope and couldn't get it to work on Wednesday and since Gary was out most of the evening I only got pictures direct through the camera.

Another learning curve to get proficient with the the dark!

Until next time!
Carol xx

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